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EN Propósito

A curriculum designed to help you fulfill your God given purpose while living in the deep presence of God.

This curriculum and mentorship is designed so that you can begin to walk in your God given design while fulfilling your assignment on the earth. You are not a mistake, you have a God given purpose. These courses are designed to help you not only find purpose but maintain your fire burning for God. Our mandate is to help you live in deep intimacy with God. These courses will show you how to stay sober in the last days and be under the influence of the Holy Spirit while you fulfill your God given assignment. It will help you stay the course. You will also learn about the end times and the prophetic revelations of the last days. These courses will teach you leadership skills while maintaining your eyes on Jesus. These classes are designed to teach you and equip you to mature and to give God your best race— finishing strong.


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