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Apostle Patty Valenzuela 


Empowering Pastors and Leaders to walk in sonship; to live in the deep of God; to bring breakthrough through intercession; to lead in their God given purpose; to walk in wholeness and be healed. 

Apostle Patty is leading a culture-shifting church in El Paso, TX called Ignite Movement! Many nations connect to this church on a weekly basis. 

Her ministry is known to bring such a fire and passion for God, along with bringing healing and deliverance. , to release powerful messages that are full of breakthrough, conviction, and the glory of God!

She has founded a School of Purpose where many believers are equipped in their specific purposes, and mentors other pastors as they navigate through leading their own churches. 

Through her social media platforms and her Enlace program “Rompimento,” —one of the most popular stations in Latin America — God is transforming the lives of hundreds of thousands of people , She is also an author of several books 


Apostle Patty’s mentorship is a 6-month program that will train, mentor, counsel, empower, build, and deposit, what has been attained through many years of seeking His Presence and Glory. This mentorship will lead you to a place where you are completely transformed, whole, free, walking in sonship, and healed to lead.  You will be equipped to be a glory carrier, raise a strong leadership, enter into the deep presence of God, and build His end times glorious church. 

Over the course of  6 months  we will have powerful times of instruction and conversations specifically around your identity as a leader as a son, daughter and as leader of your church. . I want to spend this time investing in you, teaching you, championing you, and praying the Word of God over you so you can rise to the full measure of all God’s called you to be.

Due to the intimate nature of this mentorship program, there will be limited spots available for 


  • monthly zoom meetings 

  • available for any questions 

  • monthly one on one sessions with Apostle Patty

Holding a Book
  • video teachings

  • audio teachings

  • access to school of purpose

  • discount to all courses

  • access to slack

  • free access to all conferences 


Due to my desire for a more intimate form of mentorship to take place, and develop true community, there will also be a capped number of 30 participants. Thus, an application will be required. Please see the link below.

I have spent over 38 years searching, studying, and going after the glory of God. You will gain a deeper understanding of how to enter deep realms of intimacy, how to lead others well, how to be healed and delivered, how to be effective in intercession, and you will walk away with a fresh perspective and a deeper desire for God like never before!




You will gain invaluable insight and keys from my years of experience, and you will walk away with a fresh perspective and a deeper desire for God like never before!


Our investment is important. This matters to me,  and I want it to matter to you. Your commitment will yield a great return.

In your financial investment 

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