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"Pride vs Humility: The Power of Humility & the Destruction of Pride" by Patty Valenzuela is a thought-provoking book that explores the importance of humility in our lives. Drawing from biblical examples and personal experiences, Valenzuela reveals how pride can hinder our growth, relationships, and connection with God. She emphasizes the transformative power of humility and how it leads to rest, authority, and the mercy of God. This book serves as a guide to help readers understand the destructive nature of pride and embrace the life-changing benefits of humility. It delves into the destructive nature of pride, addresses false humility, and provides practical steps to cultivate humility in our daily lives. With a focus on the heart and the importance of surrendering to God, this book offers valuable insights for anyone seeking to overcome pride and embrace humility.

The Power of Humility & The Destruction of Pride

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