destiny has enemies

Never make destiny decisions based out of emotions, offense, pain, lust,

anger or the past!

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Even though you're not always well on the inside, God wants you to press through.

Press through the pain, your problems,

and your limitations.


double mindedness

The root of all double mindedness is rejection. Let go of all rejection.

Only through a pure heart we can stop being double minded

be anxious for nothing

Have you been stressing about life-

your marriage, kids, job or even bills? 

In this message you will learn the 3 weapons God has given you to live free from anxiety and stress!

spirit of might

We were not called to be weak believers. The enemy will use situations in your life to drain you and to cause you to lose strength and to become discouraged and defeated. 


The people you choose to be in your life should take you to your destiny. Choose the relationships that will help you grow!



Sometimes distractions don’t introduce themselves as distractions. Distractions are the enemies choice of weaponry.

Stay focused!

Let it go

God has a call on your life; its a season of taking a deep breath and let GO of the disappointments of the past and begin to receive the New of God!

Enemies are needed

An enemy has no power to rob your promise, but your reaction to them can rob you of the

promises of God

the Lord who breaks out

There is a strategy for your warfare - God wants it done in a certain way. 

God knows how to get you your victory!

prayer weapons

Our lives would be completely different if we make prayer our first response to everything that we face

the power

of the process

in the desert

The difficulties you go through, will prepare you to handle where God is taking you

the power of the power in the desert - character

When you are going through a difficulty there is an opportunity to build your character. You will either get better or get worse!

fight for it

Yes this is a very intense hour because there is a war raging between good and evil and if we are not careful we can become a casualty instead of a victorious winner!

seeds contain power

There is a distance between where you are and where you need to go. What you are willing to do today has everything to do with what you are sowing into.

stop planting 2 kinds of seeds

Hebrews says without faith it is impossible to please God. 

God looks at what people do when they can’t see their seed.

it's dangerous to be distracted 

in the end

To be focused is to be unmoved by what you hear or see. Frustration and faith are like oil and water - you can’t be full of faith and frustration

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