You are somebody.

Have you ever found yourself shaking your head, asking, “What did I ever do to deserve that?” Maybe a particular season in your life started as a struggle, yet now you find yourself looking out at a battlefield wondering how it went from being a struggle to a full-blown attack.

I believe we really must get smart about the way we see life’s struggles and allow the struggles to work for us. The Bible tells us God’s commands make us wiser than our enemies. (Psalm 119:98) As we get to know what the Bible says about us, we begin to have a different perspective of the attack—and the attacker.

Why is it really that the enemy is so intentional in blocking, stopping, containing and attacking you? What is it that he sees? Why is he so threatened by you?

I am convinced that the reason he has loosed his fortresses against you is because of how valuable you are and where you are going. He’s not engaged in a battle over where you currently find yourself—no—he wouldn’t invest that much fight into where you are—this is all about where you are headed.

David was probably confused and hurt at the fact that his own father wouldn’t even call him out to line up next to his brothers to be seen by the prophet Samuel (1 Samuel 16). Yet that whole incident was not about forgetting to bring out a young shepherd, no, it was an attempt to stop the fierce, powerful king within him.

The devil isn’t attacking you because you’re a nobody. He is attacking you because he is afraid of what’s inside you—he is afraid of your influence of the power that’s inside of you.

You are somebody.

Sometimes the enemy is more aware of who you are than you.

You outsmart the devil when you realize you are not fighting alone, because the battle is not yours—it belongs to the Lord (2 Chronicles 20:15). When you have this very set in your heart and mind, your outlook changes, because God never loses. God has never, ever lost a battle, so whatever struggle or attack you are facing—go into it triumphantly. If you go into it triumphantly, you will come out of it triumphantly.

So, at the moment you may be looking out at the battlefield, at the eviction notice, at the divorce decree, at the medical test results, perhaps you received a letter of denial rather than acceptance from that university you were hoping to attend…where you are does not define your destiny. You are a child of God, with an incredible destiny and no weapon formed against you will prosper (Isaiah 54:17).

The reason the enemy has come to attack you and try to stop you is because of what you are about to do with your life!

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