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Turn The Light On

Turn the Light On!

“…God is light; in him there is no darkness at all.” 1 John 1:5

It’s midnight and all of a sudden you are awakened by a strong craving for those chips in the pantry—the chips you rejected in the daylight, but at night while everyone is sleeping it’s a whole different story…you tiptoe quietly, sneakily, in the dark towards the place that holds all things wonderful at 2a.m.—the kitchen. Your mouth waters, anticipating the salty crunch of the chips in your mouth when suddenly you stub your toe on that wooden chair; in frustration, you turn on the lights and clearly see the chair you walked into.

Walking in the light is so much easier…

The job of our enemy is to keep us in the dark, he wants us deceived and ignorant. When we are in the dark we cannot see, we cannot see God’s truth, we cannot see the plans God has for us, we cannot see our own folly…and that’s exactly how the enemy wants us –in the dark. The enemy cannot defeat us unless he deceives us and it is so much easier to be deceived when we are in the dark and cannot see the light of the truth.

We cannot see in the dark, we stumble and run into things in the dark. We fall easily when we are in the dark. Samson was very much in the dark about Delilah’s motives.

Fear lives in the dark.

Lies live in the dark.

Slumber and lethargy abound in the dark.

Lack of direction and restriction of movement rule in the dark.

God doesn't live in darkness—He lives in the light. He created the light. He is the light!

Our lives are like a home, in a home there are many rooms—but perhaps not every room has light shining in them. How will we know if the light isn’t shining in some of the “rooms” in our lives? We can see clearly in the light—we don’t stumble through the darkness of our doubts. When light illuminates our lives we have faith, truth, joy and peace. Even the smallest ray of light will make darkness evacuate.

God does not want us walking in the dark beloved, His word says, “Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.” (Psalm 119:105) He orders our steps as He illuminates our path. (Psalm 37:23)

We will not stumble where there is light. God does not want us groping around for direction in the dark—He wants to order our steps. He wants to shed light into every dark space, every dark corner, every situation, every circumstance every attack and every obstacle in our lives!

Beloved, the Word of God is your light. It does not matter how dark it may seem to be getting in your life, there is enough light to guide you through every situation. Stop being in the dark about situations - stop living in darkness, take a firm hold on His word and let Him guide you—turn on the light!

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