“Oh, magnify the Lord with me, And let us exalt His name together.”

Psalm 34:3 NKJV

The culture of heaven and the culture here on earth are very different. The culture of heaven thinks different, speaks different, moves different—heaven’s currency is different. We use money on earth to obtain things, heaven uses faith.

As God’s children it was never His intention for us to have an inferior way of thinking. His desire is that we think the way that heaven thinks. To think as heaven does, however, is a violent attack, we cannot be passive. To think like heaven we must get aggressive because our adversary, the devil, would love nothing more than for us to keep our minds and thoughts on lower, mundane matters and be focused on our problems.

David, the author of today’s scripture, thought like heaven. One may read Psalm 34:3 and imagine that David was experiencing one of the most joyful moments of his life. You may find it interesting to know that when David wrote this particular Psalm, he was pretending to be crazy because of the fierce persecution he faced. These were difficult times in his life. 

“How can I magnify God if I am going through such a trial?” you may be asking. The answer is you must think like heaven. When we face trials, problems, persecutions and all kinds of situations we must magnify God—not our problem.

What is heaven saying about your children, your marriage, your finances—what does heaven say about your future? This is where we must make a conscious decision not to agree with the enemy’s suggestions and lies and come into agreement with what heaven is saying about us.

Under a microscope the smallest particle, the smallest organism can look huge. And rightly so, it is being magnified. However the actual size of this organism has not changed. We so often have made the mistake of magnifying our problems—yet in heaven’s perspective it really is so small. 

As we magnify God, our perspective changes. We remind ourselves just how big God is, how faithful He has been, how He has never lost a battle and He never will! 

Do you want to see things the way your Father sees things? Seek Him, worship Him, praise Him, climb on His lap, get near enough to Him that you may see things how He does. 

Are you facing a difficult situation today? Are you going through a trial? Beloved the Father tells you today, “Come up here, my child, come rest on my lap, come and see what your life looks like from up here…”

Say this prayer:

Father, I ask you to forgive me for magnifying my problems. Today I make the decision to magnify You—I will make you greater than any problem I’m facing and I will think the way heaven does! In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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