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As Far as Your Eyes Can See...

As Far as Your Eyes Can See…

“I am giving all this land, as far as you can see, to you and your descendants as a permanent possession.” Genesis 13:15 NLT

God’s vision has been and will always be far more superior than our own. We find throughout scripture that He often challenged the vision of many powerful men. In Genesis 13:15 God told Abraham that He was going to hand over a great territory over to him and his descendants—as far as he could see! I don’t believe God was simply referring to Abraham’s physical sight—He was referring to Abraham’s vision. The word vision means “to realize as to attain.” Vision is not merely natural sight with physical eyes. Vision is what we see internally.

Here is a truth we need to keep in front of us—what we envision will materialize. That is why the enemy will mess with our “eyesight” so that we abort our visions. We fuel our own defeat by what we see—or what we don’t see for that matter. We tend to blame the enemy but often times we do a pretty good job of destroying ourselves for lack of vision. God wants us to use our vision—that which He has deposited inside of us, because our problem is we don’t “see” very far—and God’s vision for our lives stretches further than what we can see!

What do you see for yourself? Or rather what do you envision for yourself?

If God had told you the same thing He told Abraham would you have seen further than the neighborhood you live in?

How do you see yourself? Do you see yourself serving God, opening up a business, going after your dreams? Or has the enemy been messing with your eyesight so that you don’t see yourself better than you are now?

The most astounding breakthroughs in all of humanity have been a result of great vision. Now more than ever we must walk in the realm of God’s vision and not in the realm of the vision of darkness, despair or hopelessness. Whatever God has deposited inside of us WILL MANIFEST—what we visualize inside of our spirit will happen.

Beloved reader, God is telling you, to take a good look, because He is giving you and your future generations as far as your eyes can see.

God is calling us to check our vision today!

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