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Apostle Patty & Pastor ANdy Valenzuela


Apostle Patty along with her husband Pastor Andy Valenzuela founded Ignite Movement Church in El Paso, Texas in 2012. Since then their ministry has grown into places like Albuquerque, New Mexico; Ciudad Juárez, Mexico and Sydney, Australia. Apostle Patty is a bilingual author, preacher and teacher of the Word. She is an intercessor with a breakthrough anointing and carries strong glory and revelation. During her preachings there are manifestations of physical healings, deliverances as well as transformation in the lives of people. She is a conference speaker for women’s ministries as well as for pastors and leaders in other nations such as: New Zealand, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Taiwan and Colombia. She preaches with fire, passion and power; she is a prophetic voice and carries a strong love of God and ushers people to that place. Apostle Patty’s endeavor is to create atmospheres that produce unprecedented intimacy and provoke historical change in the lives of the people.

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